Forum and Game rules

By signing up and playing on the server, you agree with the rules. The violation is punished and guarded.

Forum Rules:
1. Do not bother anyone.
2. Do not spam, do not create HOAX.
3. They will not create false or unnecessary topical "when they are already there"
4. Do not link to other modes "unless you think ideas"
5. Have the nick on the Forum the same as the main Nick in the game.

Rules of the game:
1. Do not bother anyone.
2. Do not fire players who have a rescue module or a rank below 40.
3. Do not get lost in the game.
4. Do not link to another mode.
5. Do not shoot your own people from the same faction.
6. Do not clot the clan.
7. Listen to the superiors in that faction.
8. Obey the DP. "does not apply to private, team news"
9. Everyone must have the chosen Role Play if the player does not have it. He will be fined 5M.

Keep in mind that ignorance does not apologize and punish you if you make a serious misconduct without explanation and even gross violation of multiple points will permanently banned your account. We want decent people here, no lumps.